Dentistry Services & Aesthetic Dentistry in Weston, Massachusetts


Dillaway Family Dentistry PC in Weston, Massachusetts, offers a complete range of general and aesthetic dentistry services for the whole family. We provide affordable dental services and solutions for each patient, while utilizing the latest technology and advancements in dental health care and prevention.
Dental Services
Your comfort is our top priority at Dillaway Family Dentistry PC. We offer gentle, yet thorough cleanings and advanced patient education to ensure healthy teeth and gums. We'll teach you brushing and flossing techniques that are designed especially for you. Additional services include:
Geriatric Dentistry
Aesthetic Dentistry
Smile Makeovers
Tooth Whitening
Crowns & Bridges
Prophylaxis & Exams
Fluoride Treatments
Intra-Oral Cameras
Mouth Guard Fittings
Partial & Full Dentures
Periodontal Screenings
Implant Prosthetics
Laser Dentistry
Ultrasonic Cleanings
Periodontal Treatments
Antibiotic Therapy
Digital X-Rays
E4D Same Day Crown